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Shagnasty's "Famous, Deluxe Fart-in-a-Jar"
- Humourous Gift

Shagnasty's "Famous, Deluxe Fart-in-a-Jar"

$14.95 ea.  <coming soon, your order now so we don't run out of "gas". Be the life of the party...or a schmuck.

POSTAGE & HANDLING $7.50   Allow 4 weeks for Delivery


<not available at this time>

Shagnasty's "Peanut People"...hand-crafted
- Cute, little Peanut Creatures

Shagnasty's "Peanut People"...hand-crafted.

They have "feet" so you may put them on your shelf or wherever. Made of real peanuts in shell.

$14.95 ea.   Shippping & Handling $7.50

Cut me a break. "Anything for a buck". I did quite well selling bags of Cicada shells, when young,...this is a step up from that.

<order must be placed before shipping. "Peanut People" are obstinate and must be tamed before shipping...Peanut people may be female or male...choose a name for your Peanut Person with your will appear on the bottom of their feet. Allow 3-4 weeks shipping time. A great gift for a weirdo.

<not available at this time>

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