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"Last Call"        

                                    A Novella by David R. Moenich


Copyright 1993 David R Moenich (Original)

            Copyright 2017 David R Moenich (Re-Edited & Re-Written; adapted from a Screenplay written by Copyright 1993 David R Moenich

All Rights Reserved

Setting: Early 1990's; Semi-Fiction; Character Study, Drama, Romance, Humor



Chapter 1 

Jesse sat on the arm of a ragged couch, a lit cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. Living in a low-rent, run-down flat on the east side of nowhere...he attempted survival.

His small living room was cluttered with empty beer cans, cardboard pizza boxes harboring half-eaten meals, over-flowing ashtrays, wads of crumpled typing paper, as well as this room assuming the position of a haven for Jesse’s invisible, misguided intentions.

Country Music blared from the speakers, as Jesse struggled to pull his Justin boots on…all the while staring at a photograph framed in silver taking prominence upon his desktop. The likeness, the portrait was that of a lovely woman. Her eyes were beguiling, giving an insinuation of invitation…yet, deeper within those eyes was a glint of mischief suggesting caution to the observer. Now glaring at the photo, Jesse cynically quipped to himself, “Sure…”. With one more tug, Jesse was shod. He stood.

Jesse took a long drink from his 16-ounce beer can, then dropping his cigarette into its opening. Throwing the can into the empty, kitchen sink, he flicked his stereo off with the toe of his boot. Picking up a slice of pizza he had bought two days before, he sniffed it…Jesse tossed it on top of an over-stuffed trash bag. He grabbed his black leather vest and jacket, turned the light switch off and exited his flat…slamming the door behind him, Jesse muttered, “Yeah…right.”. He was on his way to “The Glass Heart”…a roadhouse for indiscriminating fools.

Chapter 2

















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