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"Alley Ways"

                                                                                               by David R Moenich


Copyright 1988 David R Moenich (Original)

                      Copyright 2017 David R Moenich (Re-Edited & Re-Written)


All Right Reserved                                                                                                                                         {Short Story}



Jeremy stepped onto the uneven, slate sidewalk of Biddle Avenue.

Parked in the alleyway behind his house, a new 1965 Pontiac Tempest

idled roughly. A cloud of steam and smoke poured from the candy-

apple red sedan’s exhaust pipe. Drifting through the narrow walkway

between Jeremy’s house and the house next to his old, 3-story

farmhouse which had now become included within a suburb of

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the rising vapors diffused into the solid-grey

overcast skies of southwestern Pennsylvania.


The surrounding, gloomy ambiance was only brightened by the clutter

of fallen, yellow and amber-colored maple leaves covering the streets,

adding a certain, familiar, decaying odor. Besides the rotting leaves,

the trees lining the streets offered fallen buckeyes, “tobies”, “monkey

balls”, and rotting pears from the few pear trees remaining within the

once alive and thriving pear orchard in Jeremy’s back yard.















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