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"20 Snappy Snare Drum Studies"

by David R. Moenich

   Copyright 1986 David R. Moenich

All Rights Reserved

                                                    {Dedicated to Eugene "Babe" Fabrizi...a                                                 true inspiration within the art of percussion.}

This snare drum study book is intended for use by the advanced drummer. Novices, might also find these studies beneficial.

Having received my certificate of enrollment within the "National Association of Rudimental Drummers" on 17 March 1976 (the bicentennial year for the USA). My certificate was signed by Wm. F. Ludwig, the Acting President of the N.A.R.D. at that time. He was, of course, also an integral faction of the Ludwig Drum Mfg. Co.

After the equivalent of 4 years of percussion instruction, I could read, write, and play snare drum at its highest level.

There are 29 Rudiments a drummer should be aware of, however there are "13 Essential Rudiments". If you want to excel as a drummer adhere to these rudiments consistently. Practice up to 6 or 7 hours per day on a drum pad. Failure is a breeze; determination and dedication breed success.

To beginners, I recommend, Haskell W. Harr's "Drum Method {for orchestra; for band} BOOK 1. Three study books you cannot do without: "Stick Control" by George Lawrence Stone, "Accents and Rebounds" by George Lawrence Stone, and "Developing Dexterity" by Mitchell Peters. Joel Rothman's "Left Hand Control (for right-handed drummers)" might also be helpful.

See my Photo Page for "20 Snappy Snare Drum Studies". I hope it will be beneficial to your percussion aspirations. Drum on.


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